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Murder and manslaughter

During 2014, 87 cases of lethal violence were confirmed in Sweden, which is the same amount as the previous year. In a longer perspective, lethal violence has decreased.

Lethal violence

Conformed cases of lethal violence in Sweden, whereof lethal violence against man or woman¹, 2005–2014. (Reported cases where lethal violence in all probablility is confirmed as the cause of death). Källa: Anmälda brott

1.) In one of the cases in 2012, it was not possible to establish the sex of the victim.

The actual number of cases of lethal violence in Sweden has decreased in the long term. The levels of lethal violence in Sweden show large variations from year to year, over the last decade the number of cases of lethal violence has fluctuated between 68 and 111. Often, the victims are male. In 2014, the victim was a man in 71 per cent of the cases. Fire armes were used in a third of the cases (32 %) in 2014.

Studies of lethal violence in Sweden have shown that more than half the reported cases were not actually cases of murder, manslaughter or so-called violence with a lethal outcome. This is because the statistics show all events with a lethal outcome that the police investigate. Many of these reported crimes turn out to be, in reality, suicides, accidents or natural deaths. It also happens that several reports can be made for the same suspected case of lethal violence, which means that the statistics sometimes contain duplicates.

The statistics for confirmed cases of lethal violence, as presented here, are attained by considering every individual report in order to present the correct number of cases.

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