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  • Hate Crime 2015

    September 30, 2016
    Statistics on police reports with identified hate crime motives and self-reported exposure to hate crime.
  • Muggings

    August 22, 2016
    This study addresses robberies victimising private individuals, known as mugging, which is the most common type of robbery.
  • Filmed seminars from the 2016 Stockholm Criminology Symposium

    June 13, 2016
    For all of you who couldn't make it to Stockholm this year, many of the seminars from the Symposium have been filmed.
Illustration of  people in a crowd, from the Swedish Crime Survey

Public perceptions of crime

The Swedish Crime Survey is an annual survey of the attitudes and experiences of the general population regarding victimization, fear of crime and public confidence in the justice system.

Politicians' Safety Survey
For the second year running, a national survey has been conducted in order to measure the extent and development as well as the consequences of threats, violence and harassment experienced by elected representatives.


European Crime Prevention Networkexternal link, opens in new window

The EUCPN (EU Crime Prevention Network) was set up in May 2001 by an EU Council Decision to promote crime prevention activity in Member States across the EU.

The Symposium

An international meeting point in Stockholm
The Stockholm Criminology Symposium is an annual event, attracting more than 600 researchers, policy-makers and practitioners  from all over the world.
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The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) functions as the Swedish Government's body of expertise within the judical system.